Malema welcomes Bafana Bafana at OR Tambo

It was a bless morning for in South Africa when all people took time to go to OR Tambo airport to welcome Bafana Bafana from Ivory Coast after a successful tournament that they had.

One of the people who took time to welcome Bafana is the Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters together with his party members.

Malema has is a good fan of football and his impact on the changing the life’s of the young people in this country is well recognized across the continent.

His party is well supported by the young people and it’s clear that soccer as a sport that is played by youth has a strong impact on his party, and it also brings unity in the country.

Talking to the Sabc news Malema said he is intended to give this team a support on their games.

Maybe the fighters will be going all out to support the teams in their next matches.


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