Ramaphosa set to annouce the biggest date for all South Africans soon

Cyril Ramaphosa is the most considered person this days as the election days are coming closer and the only thing that all South Africans expect from him is the announcement of the election date.

Talking to Sabc news last night Ramaphosa said that he will announce the date soon so that people can prepare for themselves for the biggest day.

The funny issue about this whole thing is that the president said  he is unbothered about the chaos happening on his party, but his reactions can tell you that the whole Anc is very challenged and scared by Jacob Zuma political party.

First of all this is the first thing me such incidents happens in the Anc were the former president gets suspended and continue to form his own party.

Ramaphosa leadership is under threat and he will have to come up with a plan that can help his party to win this up coming elections.


Source:Sabc news

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