Jub Jub makes lot of Twitter users angry

They have been lot of reactions on the streets of Twitter today after the views of Uyajola 9/9 on Moja love expressed their emotion about how Jub Jub is handling the guest on the show.

Jub Jub attitude is something that most tweeps are worried about and they have made things clear that he must fix those things before the gets into trouble.

The show is most watched by many people and they have been making serious accusation to some of the guest that were found cheating on their partners.

Some viewers was concerned about Jub Jub giving some guest R30 so that she can return back home after failing to fix things with her partner.

Source link:https://twitter.com/Zee_Nhleko/status/1746614458040959221?t=uNY6uF4KPmFc-RzRJxwnBQ&s=19

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