Is Mbalula the right man for SG position, mzansi responds

The downfall of Anc is starting to be a nightmare that will not shock people because of the factions that are happening on the party.

The recent statements that are made by the Secretary General of the party Fikile Mabalula about the former president Jacob Zuma, has made the people to think otherwise of him and his fitness to hold that office.

Mabalula has been throwing stones to everyone that is leaving the party and his attention are clear that he is not concerned about their departure.

Not so long ago he was saying that the Anc is cleaning itself, and now he has said that Jacob Zuma has chased himself out of the party, this looks like the guy who is not ready to implement the unity that they were talking about in Nazareth.

He is also looks like the guy that is not afraid to loose the little that the Anc is left of because the more they loose members is the more they will suffer in the coming elections.

Maybe Anc members might be happy about this days but South Africans on social media platforms are concerned about this issue and the president has to act before damage happens.

Mbalula has been a good talker since from youth league but now that he is holding the office of the SG things must change because not all people can be happy about this.

The Anc itself is struggling to put some members into other and now that the elections is coming all political parties are for any mistake that Mabalula can make.


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