Somizi is a well known celeb, check lifestyle and successful career

Somizi Mhlongo is one of the most successful celebs in South Africa and he has been doing this for a while now without given doubt on his job that he has puts everyday.

Many people knows him dancing on stage only but the guy has been doing this things from the early 90s were he started acting on Sarafani, a well known apartheid drama that shows the impact that the aphartheid government had in this country.

He then continue to act on etv drama backstage which was focused more on entertainment, were people started to notice his dancing skills live on television.

But many people describe him as an entertainer and fashion guru where he always shows off his wonderful clothes wherever he appears on television.

He is currently a judge on Idols South Africa together with JR and Thembi Seete who are also having a huge impact in this industry.

Somizi talent is something that people cannot Ignore as he continues to engage with listeners at Metro FM which is something that helps him to reach out to his fans everyday.

His lifestyle is inspiration to the young people and he sends a good message to them by working hard.

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