SkeemSaam|Tsheole makes a revealation about Alfios death

Alfious death has become a huge topic in the streets of Turf again after Tsheole told Babeile to help him with this case that has been going around for months.

The station commander want this case to be closed so that they can focus on other things, but the right person to lead this case is suspended and this has caused huge delays in the community because they only need answers.

Who will be a brave cop to find Alfios murder and what willl this revelation mean for the station, because a video has been going around which might give the cops a lead to this case that has caused serious headache in the community of Turfloop.

Don’t forget to watch Skeem Saam this week as the Turf police are out to hunt the serious murder in this town only on Sabc 1 weekdays at 18:30 pm.

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