Minnie Dlamini ex-lover demands R10k from her

It all ended in tears for our mzansi favorite celeb after her ex husband Quinton said that he want R10k from her as a dirvoce settlement which happened in the past months.

Mzansi we’re left in shock after this demand because they thought that Quinton was loaded in cash, and Dlamini will be getting out this marriage wealthy which is something that wont happen.

Drama never ends for our celebs because they always gets themselves into trouble whichis something that they will have to look at, in the future because they will lose everything that they have worked hard for.

Not so long ago Dlamini announced that she will be hosting Miss South Africa event, which will attract the attention of many people across the world who likes to learn a lot about South Africa also the winner will be representing the country on Miss Universe.

But she will have to deal with this blow before the big day comes because it might ruin things for her, as she continues to achieve a lot in her career that has been well honored in the past years, where she has been hosting the biggest events and television shows in the country.

Is she ready to go through this process?


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