BBT couple reunites again

Big Brother Titans is the show that got televised on Dstv channel 198 under the Big Brother franchise that has been played across the world, the show has done a lot this year were they putting Nigerians together with South Africa to spend 73 days on the house.

The franchise has been televise in two countries here in Africa both South Africa and Nigeria, both this counties decided that they must unite the people of African by combining this countries together to battle for the price of R2million.

But this year the show took us to another level as the love triangle took place where we saw housemates felt in love.

The first couple was Yemi and Kgosi then Juicy Jay fell in love with Yvonne while Marvin and Aya finally fell in love outside of the house.

But Juicy Jay and Yvonne’s love has turned out to be the relationship that is still exciting outside of the house today even do they didn’t want to be dragged into the media, and most people thought that these two had broken up.

But the good news is that these two are still in love and Yvonne is currently in the country spending quality time with Juicy Jay.

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