Bra Kop from Rythm City keeps mzansi talking again

Sehlabi Taunyane is the legendary actor who has blessed South Africans through the talent that God has blessed him with, which is something that people has been praising him about as he continues to cause more fun on the television screens.

He is well known by the character of Bra Kop from Rythm city were he became the talk the of many household in the country were he was a father of 2 children then find out that the first child was not his son, but his brother slept with his wife

But he continued to give them the warm love that they needed as children from their father.

The old guys shocked the whole country this morning when they took a picture together with Vusi Thanda training, but it looks like the old guys were training and they had everything inder control,  but mzansi is worried about their favorite actors.

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