Horrific final moments of Tazne van Wyk’s are diclosed

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Horrific moments of Tazne van Wyk’s are disclosed ~Western Cape
 **This article may upset sensitive viewers.
Horror fell upon 8-year-old Tazne after she disappeared from outside her home in Connaught Estate, Elsies River on the 7th of February 2020.
The details of her passing were disclosed on trial in the Western Cape High Court on Thursday. 
It is said that all the young girl had to do was to walk a few meters from her home to the nearby spaza across her road where she vanished into thin air.
After her disappearance, a search by the police, the volunteers and the parolee she was last seen with was conducted. Which led to them finding her body in a storm drain next to the N1 Highway, near Worcester.
It is said that the accused male, faces 27 charges of multiple rape counts, sexual assault, incest and desecration of a corpse.
The accused pleaded not guilty for all charges.
On Thursday, forensic pathologist Dr Ingrid Herbst testified in trial that Tazne suffered severe injuries to the head, skull, neck and to her chest.
 It is said that the little girl was struck so hard on her head that what was left of her brain showed bleeding that spread from one side of her head, to the other.
The girl’s four tips were fractured and her left hand was cut off.
Identifying that her final moments must have been the worst, and the neck injury is thought to have been the death knell as the pressing of hands on the neck would have stopped her from breathing and slowed her blood flow.
 Proving whether Tazne was raped or not, was impossible as her body was severely decomposed when she was found.
The trial is said to still be continuing…
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