17-year-old raped in a police station

 17-year-old raped in a Police Station ~Eastern Cape

It is alleged that the victim(17) was collected from her home by a police officer who wanted to take her to the police station regarding the case she opened earlier against her boyfriend. 
It did not take long for the officer to make relationship demands to the girl which she disagreed to. When they reached the police station and had entered the detectives office, it is said that the officer then forcefully penetrated the girl from behind. 
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The girl cried and tried fighting off the officer. She even bit his shoulder and was able to pick up the bottle which she hit him with on his head until it broke. Continuing to use the broken bottle pieces to stab his shoulder. 
She allegedly took the officer’s cellphone and threw it against the wall and stomped on it. The officer picked his phone and inspected the damage, giving the young victim to run out to the other officers who were on duty in the Community Centre of the Kei Mouth Station. She reported the matter and a case was opened. 
The investigation is still ongoing and counselling for the young victim was arranged immediately as she looked, traumatized. 
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