Four students lives claimed last week

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 A friend recalled how he lost his friends last week. A tragedy that almost ended him as well. 

“We planned on how we were going to succeed in life,” those were the words of a young man, Tshepo Mokhachane (18) as he recalled the awful and most traumatic night of his life. 
 It is said that four pupils lost their lives to a car accident when only two, in the six friends were rushed to the hospital. 
The victims were on their way to Bophelong, which is where their homes are located from a party in Bedworth Park – Vanderbijlpark. 

Mokhachane said they all decided to walk back home as they did not have enough money to catch a taxi, acknowledging that some of them knew the directions to Bophelong. 
The 18-year-old claimed that the accident happened in a blink of an eye. He said that as he exchanged a cooler box with Pitjeng and Nonyane, a bright light shone their way. Coming to realise that it was a car that seemed out of control as it swayed left and right, they tried to get out of it’s way -running in different directions. 
“The other girl jumped in front, being the first to get struck.” He said, and added by saying that he and Pitjeng were also struck before it hit the other people in their group and stopping at a nearby bush. 
Mokhachane claims to have seen only scattered bodies across the scene. He said he could not reach to them as he failed to crawl and the loud screams of the girls telling that Katleho was not breathing, made everything worse. 
The young man described Pitjeng and Nonyane as “big brothers”. He said that they normally would talk about how successful they would be in life. 
It is said that Nonyane’s father described his son as a person who loved dancing and was eager to finish school. 
“More often than not when I [bumped] into him dancing, he would be humiliated, however deep down I realized that he adored moving. He told me, in the wake of completing matric he will seek after a regulation degree.”
As Teboho saw his child’s face on a flyer printed for the memorial service, he said he was unable to accept Tshepang was gone.
“I got a message in the early long stretches of Sunday morning, and a nearby relative told me about a post she saw on Facebook discussing the misfortune, and she reviews Tshepang had left [the party] with that gathering.”
Teboho’s family members let the cat out of the bag of Nonyane’s demise after he got back from chapel on Sunday evening.
One of Pitjeng’s uncles offered the family’s thanks for the help shown by Sapphire understudies and educators at the memorial service. 
“On Saturday, we will be going with Katleho to his last resting place in Unitas Park. Transport and food will be given as we value every one of you,” said the uncle.
Gauteng police representative Dimakatso Sello said fundamental data showed that the driver was attempting to stay away from the gathering.
“The driver was driving on Barrage Road when he out of nowhere saw a gathering strolling out and about. He failed to keep a grip on the vehicle attempting to steer from the gathering, hitting four of the casualties who were pronounced dead on the scene,” Sello said.
She said a case of culpable homicide had been opened and that the investigation was proceeding.
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