Scrap Collector killed in station park, cane lands – KZN | Hotspotnews

Scrap collector killed in Station Park, Canelands – KZN.
It is said that Reaction Unit South Africa was contacted after a man became unresponsive after being stabbed.
RUSA officer and medics were then dispatched to the scene and led to a room where the individual was found lying on the floor and showed no signs of life.
According to residents, it is said that the deceased came to them yesterday (02 May 2022) after he was stabbed. He previously resided in the area and was known to them.
It was then that he was led to an unoccupied too and contacted his family whom it is alleged that they administered him pain medication and left.
This morning when the residents went on to check him up and that was when they found him unresponsive and contacted RUSA.
The motive of the murder is not known and it is said that the deceased was a well-known drug user and scrap collector.

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