Taxi Owner assassinated in Verulam,KZN

image: RUSA

A KZN taxi boss was assassinated on Sunday afternoon (03 April 2022) on Wick Street in the Verulam CBD.

Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) officers responded to the Verulam CBD after hearing rapid gunfire coming from the bus rank. While they were trying to locate where the gunfire was coming from they were called back to their headquarters as it was reported that a Foton minibus taxi driver into the premises at a high rate of speed with a man screaming for help.
On arrival, RUSA’s medics discovered a body in the passenger seat of a male with multiple gunshot wounds and was declared deceased.
The male who drove the bullet-ridden minibus taxi then explained that the deceased was sitting in his vehicle at the taxi rank when 3 men came and fired shots with their high calibre rifles.
He then ran to the deceased aid however the 3 suspects fired shots in his direction and then fled in a VW polo.
The man then proceeded to the vehicle and found the deceased slumped in the driver’s seat and moved him to the passenger seat and drive him to RUSA’s headquarters with the hope of him being alive.
It is believed that the motive behind this is because of the ongoing taxi violence.
Source: RUSA
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