School Gang fights on the Rise in KZN

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School Gang fights are on the rise in KZN as Reaction Unit South Africa has Attended 8 gang fights at schools on the north coast this week.

On Friday (09 April 2022) Reaction officers responded to two gangs that were having a clash at a school in Brindhaven, Verulam.
On arrival, it was found that both of the gangs were composed of students and school leavers. One student produced a 9mm pistol while being pursued on foot by officers before being apprehended.
Several other students produced knives during the fight and when interviewed by RUSA officers a student confirmed that a rival gang member was set to be killed outside the school.
It is also said that several students are dealing with drugs on the school premises and some of the gang fights are related to turf wars, Revenge attacks, relationships, and financial disputes.
No criminal cases were registered.
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