Joburg business man reunited with his family after being kidnapped ~Gauteng

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A businessman in Joburg has been reunited with his family after being kidnapped ~Gauteng
Solly Gani, who is believed to be in his 60’s, met a revolting incident on Friday when he was aggressively approached by three armed suspects in a C-Class Mercedes Benz before he could join the highway. It is said that he had just left his shop on Market Street when the misfortune happened. 
A family member said that the suspects approached Gani’s car, forced him into their vehicle and then fled the scene with one suspect driving off in Gani’s car. 
The family member added by saying that the suspects too Gani to an informal settlement. 
Apparently, Gani was taken to various ATM’s to withdraw money. The suspects demanded money amounting to R50 000 but reduced it to R20 000. Following the work of the hostage negotiation team at SAPS helped by Vision Tactical and community security forums, a certain amount was agreed upon and sent by e-wallet. 
Gani was then drove and released at the entrance of Baragwanath Hospital. 
The family has therefore thanked everyone who helped and supported and urged family’s who’s members have been kidnapped to contact the police and allow them to do their work. 
Number of kidnapping have increased massively in South Africa, with the most kidnapped victims being business owners who are kidnapped by criminals who are trying to make quick money. 
Earlier this week, the police made a quick break where at least 15 suspects, including the mastermind Faizal Chaloos and his wife Sadiya have been arrested in connection with the spate of kidnapping for randsome. 
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