Photos of Mam Mkhize wearing “Fake” Gucci items surface online

The controversial Instagram account Fake Gucci Community SA has come back with another bang as it says that Mamkhize has worn fake Gucci items.

The account pointed out that Mamkhize wore a “Veste en fourrure d’agneau” in French which translates to Lamb fur Jacket in English and the jacket is fur, however, the jacket MamMkhize wears in the picture appear to be more cotton.
This however wasn’t the end of it as there was a post by the same account saying that a Gucci  dragon Naga dragon bag  Mamkhize was seen holding is also fake as Gucci doesn’t sell those bags with chains.

The account is well know for exposing out celebrities who wear fake Gucci product and it has also called out the likes of Somizi ,Mogale and Big Zulu.
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