Government is using a homeless man as a scape goat | Opinion

South Africans react as they see the man who is said to have burnt down the parliament building in Capetown. 

South Africans just discovered that the man who is suspected of burning the parliament building is apparently a homeless man after images of him sleeping outside.

This image sparked a lot of debate as now many believe that the government has used the man as a scapegoat because there was no one to blame .
Here are some Comments from Facebook 

@Truzar Qhex said : “They paid this armskespsel to admit to this .they know what happened and who did this .
@Bavuyisile Debeza said : “The justice is doing it the American way. A crime was committed and someone has to go to jail … innocent or guilty”.
@Nicolaas Jacobs said : “how did he get  past security ??
 “using a black innocent man as a scape goat that’s BS” Said @dahlax


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