An elderly woman was threatened that she will be burnt | operation dudula

Operation Dudula has been on people’s tongues recently ,this is an operation carried out by a Soweto group that aims at removing illegal foreigners in South Africa but then a recent action by the members participation in this has sparked debate.

In a footage shared on social media by South Africa Daily a man is heard threatening an elderly woman that they are going to burn her and her passport.

Most Saffas went took it to the comments section of the post to express their anger as this was labelled “unacceptable” and “Xenophobic” by one Facebook user 
One of the most notable comments was from the post was from Andre Van Dyk who said “why do we hate foreigners so much,when all they want is the same as we want,a safe place to live.” She further on said “You people need to understand that our OWN government is shifting the blame to foreigners. While our government can never take responsibility . Hating foreigners is a sign of small brain”
While some labelled this action as a sign of a failing Economy with some blaming it all on the ruling party (ANC).
A lot has come out of this and has led to South Africans questioning the credibility of South African politicians.
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One thought on “An elderly woman was threatened that she will be burnt | operation dudula

  1. Unknown January 24, 2022 at 7:15 am

    It is really unfortunate to see that our elderly are being ill treated, this operation dudula must just stop.


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