KZN man found hanging on a rope in his roof

Christmas is time for happiness and joy in many families but one neighbour was left traumatized after discovering the body of his 45 year old neighbour hanging on his roof .

it is said that a  a friend of the deceased was walking passed the house when he noticed him hanging by a rope from a rafter in his living room.

His friend then forced open the security gate and entered the residence before untying the knot on the rope.

He then proceeded to a neighboring residence and requested assistance.

Rusa (Reaction Unit South Africa) members were dispatched to the scene and they found the 45 year old man lying in the couch and was declared dead on the scene 

It is still unclear why the man committed suicide but investigations have been carried out .

Now watch as Cyril ramaphosa protects corruption 

ramaphosa protects corruption

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